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Found 29th Oct 2006
I was gonna get a freeview box for my mum and dad, but got put off after doing a bit of research and reading reviews about their general lifespan and reliability issues.

They used to have both Sky and Cable. I'm pretty certain that the cable connections have been severed, but they still have the Sky connections and dish.

If I buy them a Sky box, can you just plug it and watch all the freeview channels?
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not all the freeview channels, sky sport news is not open on sky, but most the others are, and hundreds more, its better to get the sky receiver.
I think you will still need a viewing card even for the freeview channels.
Hi you will need a card to watch bbc channels
you can buy them from sky about 20 quid
You will need a viewing card, without it, you won't be able to pick up things like channel 4, 5, E4 etc.

You'll also get London news and weather. Great if you live in London, ok if you don't and you wanna know what the weathers like there instead of where you are!

With the viewing card you'll be sorted out. However, sometimes easier just to get a freeview box. Wouldnt worry about reliability, they are cheap enough and are going down all the time.
Yeh you could pick up a freeviw box prob in Tesco for around £25 now anyway.
You can, I got one sitting in the cupboard. Dunno if it's any good, as I bought it and couldnt get freeview in my area! So got a sky subscription instead. Box looks alright for how cheap it is too.

I really should learn to read before I buy, but oh well, I like opening boxes with new toys in them!

I like opening boxes with new toys in them!

me too :thumbsup: :-D
[SIZE=2]I find it spoils christmas though!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Hmm, whats your thoughts on those plastic moulded packages though? They, to me, spoil the whole event. Especially when you opened a proper box, got all excited over the new toy inside, only to find its sealed in a stupid, thick, plastic, no entry box that then takes you 3 hours to open, eliminates your stash of plasters as you have to use so many and makes you stick yer scissors in yer leg. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Best I don't get started really, but glad someone else enjoys box opening as much as me! [/SIZE]
Thanks for all the info.

Much appreciated!!! :thumbsup:
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