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Hi, I got a new TV recently and tuned the Freeview to the TV however both Channel4 and Channel4 +1 and E4 are missing, however E4+1 was found anc can be viewed perfectly.

anyone know what the problem is.


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Thanks for that, but im still confused. Multiplex 2 includes: ITV1, Channel 4, however im able to view ITV1 but C4 does not show up at all ive tried moving the aerial to different spots but no luck. thanks for the link anyway

What is the signal strength like?

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it changes alot, but always somewhere between 70 and 85% strength

Dont know if this helps you but i have just had a new aerial fitted and when the guy set up the freeview box he kept the aerial lead out for 5 seconds while it was on a scan . Without doing that i didnt have Bbc 1 or another channel .

You may need to get an aerial distribution amplifier and/or masthead amplifier depending on your setup maybe...

For ours we have both because we have freeview routed to every room in the house and the only channels we have a problem with sometimes is ch5 and it's sister channels, but usually not that bad apart from between 5-5.30pm when someone in a nearby house uses something every day that interferes with the signal at that time (we think)
all-in (including cabling) cost us about £50 or so... but not bad considering when I installed this lot the freeview website said that we shouldn't be able to get ANY channels, but we get all of them with almost max signal strength…742
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