freeview vs freesat?

    Apologies in advance to all the techie people who will be rolling their eyes at this thread!
    My house is eligible for the digital switchover help scheme due to a disability.
    I can get either a freeview box fitted for free, or freesat for £20.
    I already have sky+ in the living room, but am able to use it in another room if required. I'm considering doing it for the dining room / kids playroom. It currently has an older style tv that is just used for watching dvd's, however in the near future I'm going to have an lcd wall mounted, which will probably have freeview on anyway.
    As far as I know, there isn't an ariel cable in there at the moment, or if there is, its not a very good signal!
    If I have freesat put in, will it need another dish, or just use the current sky dish? Are there more channels than freeview? Is it worth the extra £20, or is it just another 'pretend' offer for those with disabilities?


    I'm in a South Wales where terrestrial is provided by a relay transmitter, and not all normal freeview terrestrial channels are broadcast like I received in Leeds. Therefore we have a freesat box as our flat already had a dish installed. But if you're in a freeview area with all the channels there's a few you can't get on freesat, like Dave, Sky 3, Fiver, Five USA. Sky news is not included as standard but can be tuned in manually.

    TBH you can get a freeview or freesat SD box for near enough £20 anyway, which is what it will no doubt be. If it is HD snap their hands off It's hardly help if it's not "free" really is it?


    free sat, though see if you can pay extra for a HD box or check if the one you would get is HD they may be giving you a cheap one.
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    I get free everything ...

    Where I live in leeds we will not be getting a full set of freeview channels e.g. about 25 instead of about 80.. So freesat it is.. The channels are slightly different as well and you don't get some of the freeview channels e.g Dave, Sky 3, Five, Yesterday, 4 Music, Sky News to name a few. Its best to check the "On Digital" site and see what your transmitter is going to give you.



    I get free everything ...


    The offer should include a new TV Aerial with Freeview, so I would consider that option, you can then use the new aerial with your new TV if required.

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    HD freeview is £118 and HD freesat is £71. Its not the main tv and I've no interest in HD so not paying that extra!

    my parents are getting freesat. Someone is coming round to put up a dish and set it all up to their ancient kitchen tv. They already have freeview in the lounge. Cost I think £16, bargain - dish and box is £50 minimum let alone installation.

    We have just had freeview with an aerial installed yesterday as part of that scheme... We have a freesat box in the living room and freeview in my bedroom. I prefer freeview for the USA fiver (i think it is) has csi on in the evening and has Dave for Top Gear
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