Freeze apple compote

Found 3rd Sep 2017
My mum has made an apple compote and we discussed about different apples been used for cooking and those used for eating. Anyway she's anxious to find out if it's possible to freeze and would it be still the same once defrosted ?
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Who cares , Ask Google ffs!
Darzen6 m ago

Who cares , Ask Google ffs!

Why you hating ... I just wondered if others had made a compote and froze it ... maybe you should give it a go and let me know !!!! Google is a good platform to ask but so are people !
Can't see why it wouldn't freeze, it's only stewed apples after all. It would probably be Kushner when defrosted, so if you want a bit of texture, make it a bit crunchier than normal
Freeze our apple sauce every year and it's absolutely fine when defrosted . Luckily a bumper crop of apples this year so have had many an apple crumble and a fair amount of apple sauce bagged up in the freezer already
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Walk along any freezer aisle in any supermarket and see what's frozen!
Yes you can freeze, it will have more water content when defrosted than before freezing but it is negligible.
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