French Chair Repair

    I bought a pair of old French Louis Style chairs, they look pretty good but they are showing some age.

    The gold gilded paint is flaking off in places and I was thinking of maybe having a go and touching them up myself. Bought some gold leaf and thought about some kind of filler before applying the leaf.

    Has anyone with any experience or any suggestions on the best way to maybe patch up the paint on the chairs? I've attached a few pic's in the links below:!Ah_Qlk1BiInWggWYpLvU8o1c9J55!Ah_Qlk1BiInWggRI1SJM5lXMYx2Y!Ah_Qlk1BiInWggMQlNZDXRqo5oOn



    You say you bought some gold leaf ? sheets ? If so fill where you need to carefully using any fine filler even plaster of Paris. Then smooth that down and make sure you brush off all dust, wipe over with a damp cloth of white spirit then let it dry. In stages manageable apply PVA glue with a soft brush. Leave that to be touch dry but not to harden. Use a soft brush to apply the gold leaf to the areas. Pull a page of gold out with it's backing paper, then brush the brush on your hand or cloth to create some static, hover the brush over the gold leaf page and it will pick up the gold leaf. Gently take it to the area and lay it down, do not try to pick up by hand. Use the brush to brush the gold into the place. Then leave it over night and then brush the excess off and wax over to finish.
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    Thanks. Will try that out. Yes, bought some gold leaf sheets and watched a few videos where people used Linseed oil putt so I've gone and got some from my local Wilko's. I'll fill in the big gaps with that and then sand that down and use the glue method you mentioned to apply the gold leaf.
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