French Connection

    Hi ALL

    [COLOR="Blue"]This is a great website and best regards to you all who contribute to helping others make huge savings!! [/COLOR]

    Im new to this website and have only been using it since last Monday!! Already I have made a number of saving! plus a few freebies!!

    HOWEVER, what I really require is a promotion code, or some tips on how to get something for cheaper on the French connection website..... I want to get this jacket, and would love to get it for cheaper than currently advertised!!

    Can anyone help??

    Best Regards


    Hello mYsTeRy_25

    I've never heard of a voucher for that site, and they're not even on quidco. So I can't help with this request.

    Welcome to the forums

    Original Poster

    THANKS for the reply emma! Hope u had a good day today!
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