Fresh or frozen blackcurrants needed ?

    Hi I'm searching for fresh or frozen blackcurrants, pure blackcurrants not the forest fruit mix.
    My nan has stomach cancer and is craving blackcurrants, the fruit ,not the juice or squash, and she is diabetic so cant eat cheesecake ect.. anything prepared with normal sugar.
    Ive searched all the usual shops tesco ect..cant find them without them mixed with other fruit, if anyone spots any around can they let me know I'm in Swansea area,would dearly love to give what she fancies .



    You can buy them online for delivery from here:…it/

    Not the cheapest but given the circumstance I guess just obtaining them is the main priority here. Hope that helps and best wishes to her.:thumbsup:

    my local farmfoods had them in when i was last in (frozen )
    might be worth a try

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys will give farmfoods a try., theres one in swansea.. london ur avatar had me smacking my screen with a book lol

    they are currently out of season in the uk

    Sainsbury's may have imports but will be fairly pricey

    Do the summer 'pick your own farms' pick them and sell them (frozen) out of season.

    Maybe a farm shop would have them frozen.

    not sure if you have a booths near you but my local one has them in the freezer, you just scoop out what you want.
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