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    Mod Edit: Have moved this post to Odds are... but left a shadow link in Freebies as it is a bit of both, the competiton is 1 of 30 fantastic Gas Tumble Dryers if you apply for the free Bounce Sample, have edited title to reflect this

    I would love one of these Gas dryers myself, best I apply now

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    Request your free sample of Bounce now and you will automatically be entered into a free prize draw to WIN one of 30 White Knight tumble dryers.

    The three main advantages of gas dryers over electric ones are: • C … The three main advantages of gas dryers over electric ones are: • Cheaper – gas dryers are up to 70% cheaper to run than electric dryers, and can save users significant amounts of money per year. • Faster – gas dryers will cut your drying time by 50% , reducing a 120-minute dry to just 60 minutes. • Greener – not only do gas dryers benefit you, they also benefit the environment: they are more carbon efficient and are recognised by the EST (Energy Savings Trust). But even so, there are not many gas dryers in people's households in Britain . Many people imagine that the cost of installing a gas dryer would be too uneconomical for them. But really, with a gas dryer's cost cutting abilities , within a year, you would have saved more money than the cost of installation (an average household goes through 300 cycles a year). White Knight is the UK 's leading brand of gas tumble-dryer and offers the latest and best in gas tumble-dryers. White Knight highly recommends Bounce dryer sheets to be used in their machines. By moisturising and fluffing up your clothes' fibres, Bounce protects your clothes from creasing and static cling that often occurs in the tumble dryer as well as leaving your clothes soft and as fresh as if you had dried them outside on the line. After one try, you will surely be popping a sheet of Bounce in with every every load of tumble drying.

    Wow, not only are there 30 but its a gas Tumble dryer too
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