Friday 13th - Are you stupidstitious?

    Do you avoid all the usual superstitious stuff on Friday 13th or like me are you not stupidstitious?

    I wonder if that black cat will try to get into my house again today!

    - ilovepink


    Oh shoot, I'd forgotten about it, going to a funeral today too.

    Nope, i find the whole thing quite silly.

    idiots believe on this c**p



    Oh shoot, I'd forgotten about it, going to a funeral today too.

    Your own funeral..? *Cue Twilight Zone Muisc*


    idiots believe on this c**p

    From the guy who believes in cat pawed jinns.oO


    idiots believe on this c**p

    ha ha, What a post!!!

    Didn't even know it was the 13th till I seen this post then looked up a bit to the top of the screen and noticed (on my iPod btw)
    But unless a man in a hockey mask and a Machete tries to kill me, I think I'll be ok.

    i dont delieve in it.

    there are stupid people doing stupid things every day of the month.

    I don't believe in it.

    I'm going to a funeral today also.

    Bad stuff happens all the time, so there's no need to have a 'special' day for it: that's just masochistic!

    I also think some perspective is required. When you consider the amount of people living in Absolute poverty, dying of starvation or living in a war zone, the things we think of as bad luck typical of this day such as being late for work, losing your wallet or stubbing your toe against the door as you rush to the bathroom, are relatively bad, not Absolutely bad like the extreme suffering that exists for most people on the planet!

    nah, first daughter's birthday is the 13th, oh wait she is a pickle at the moment......

    well my 21st and 13th birthday were both on friday 13th..not very nice tbh but yes i am superstious..dont walk under ladders and all that xx

    load of rubbish

    Its friday, friday, got to watch a crap youtube song on friday

    it's unlucky to be superstitious ...


    I just threw a mirror at a cat. It died.



    From the guy who believes in cat pawed jinns.oO

    Ten thousand years can give you such a crick in the brain!

    Nope, i was born on Friday 13th so to me its a lucky day.


    I don't believe in it. It's as credible as god.

    well, today is my husbands birthday.

    my cousin is getting married today. not going. she lives in DEUTSCHLAND!

    I am hope a jini will not come an appeared to me today as 13 is number for bad luck

    Friday 13th aka My Lucky Day always has been

    Today is my birthday.....yeh haa
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