Friday 13th DVD Collection

    Am interested in buying on dvd the friday 13th collection (i think there are only 10 in the series - unless you include freddy vs jason). Not sure if you can buy the whole lot in a collection but if i have to buy seperate then so be it!

    Go on try and find the best deal, will add to rep for best deal!

    Flea Bay doesnt count!!!!!


    I think you'll have to work this one out yourself mightymouse_toon, it could take a while. Here's what to do. As they don't seem to come in a box set, just individual parts:

    Firstly, use ][COLOR=blue]find-dvd[/COLOR]to see the cheapest retailers. Concentrate on those nearest the top, but keep your eye out for the retailers below. And bear in mind the discounts you might be able to apply though:

    [INDENT]£2 off £20 at foxy (If you buy a few from there you could utilise that)
    £3 off £20 at HMV
    £2 off £20 at asda entertainment
    5% off at The Hut
    £2 off £10 at blachdvd (new customers only)
    Loads of code/links for CDWow

    [/INDENT]They are the main codes that spring to mind. So work it out, grouping them into orders so you pay as little as possible...

    There doesn't seem to be a boxset, but you can buy all of them cheapest at

    Part 1 is £5.25, and parts 2 - 8 are £4.25 each. £35 for the lot. £2 discount code makes it £33.

    (Part 2 is £4.24 at SelectCheaper, but for 1p, I'd say it was worth just getting them all from one place!)

    EDIT: Oh hang on, there are others...

    Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Friday: £4.97 at Tesco Jersey and Asda. Foxy has it at £5.45, so if you split your order in two, you might be able to use the discount code again?

    Jason X - £4.89 at (£5.45 at Foxy)

    Freddy vs Jason - £3.89 at (£4.25 at Foxy)

    Phew. Any more??


    Part 1 is £5.25, and parts 2 - 8 are £4.25 each. £35 for the lot. £2 dis … Part 1 is £5.25, and parts 2 - 8 are £4.25 each. £35 for the lot. £2 discount code makes it £33.

    I think if the order is split up, there will be a few extra quid to be saved though...

    Yeah - if he added "Jason Goes To Hell" it would make it over £40 total, and it could therefore be split into two, making it £36 for those 9. (assuming the code can be used more than once per account).

    Well the foxy code can only be used once per account, so I meant possibly splitting it up between different retailers...

    I can't believe I'm so bored that I've just sat down and worked this out (with Excel and everything).

    Cheapest method I can figure out:

    Buy parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Jason Goes To Hell at BlahDVD. From the Voucher section sign up for a new account using the £5 off £30 link (you need 3 or more items for this to work, but we've got that covered). This will make the Blah total £25.94.

    Buy parts 1, 7, 8, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason at HMV. From the Voucher section use the £3 off £20 code. This will make the HMV total £18.46.

    Total for all 11 DVDs = £44.40 (£4.03 per film).

    If of course you use Quidco, then you'll get back £1.30 from Blah and £1.66 from HMV, so a further saving of £2.96. Total = £41.44 (£3.77 per film).

    *faints with the exertion*

    OMG I can't believe you did it! I didn't have the time to work it out. We'll see what mightymouse_toon says when they come back...!

    Original Poster

    Well done!!! that is some calculation!!!! Top notch!

    Have tried to order though - did the blahdvd stuff ok. When i did the HMV stuff it worked out at £27 before discount for some reason. So just replaced the HMV stuff with Foxy instead ----- worked out an extra £3 (after voucher deduction) on the total, but good enough.

    But hey I am VERY IMPRESSED with your hard work!!!! You are a star!

    Many thanks, rep added to.

    Glad to help! :-D
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