Friday Floorfillers

    I'm throwing it open to the floor of HUKD for tonight's gig.

    It's my regular Friday night DJ stint in a local bar in sunny Bournemouth tonight.

    So give me your requests and I'll play 'em - within reason!

    The crowd is usually a heady mix of stag & hen parties, mad locals and a few holiday makers. All ages.

    I need some good Friday tunes to start the weekend off well.

    So Fire away folks.


    Friday, Mmmm bop & Father Abraham and the smurfs: I like pizza

    i knew someone would say rebecca black

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    Mmm bop for sure, not sure about the smurfs, but hey, anything goes! cheers.

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    Get shot if I play Friday.

    Maybe smurfing beer:…zHA

    I actually had that vinyl
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    Living on a Prayer


    A current favourite with my kids is Tainted Love, Soft Cell, even though AberdeenMum and I dance to it in front of them!

    Mod & Ed

    gangsters paradise

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    All these are noted for later reference - bit of a cheesy party hour!

    keep em coming pop pickers....

    only way is up - yazz
    what's up - four non blondes

    19 Paul Hardcastle is making a comeback


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    19 Paul Hardcastle is making a comeback

    Something to do with Man Utd footy fans apparently.

    Everybody dance - Chic

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    Everybody dance - Chic


    aqua can't get cheesier than them

    Umpa Lumpa song

    btw youtube is crashing

    Barbie Girl

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    Think I will log in again later & take live requests!

    Keep em coming.

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    to many broken hearts

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    Robin S - Show Me Love

    dj otzi hey baby

    Candi staton , young hearts , time warp ,
    boogie wonderland , loved this in the eighties , now reminds me of my kids , happy feet DVD ,

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    DJ Otzi been suggested twice! haven't played it for ages!

    Robin S sounds good. have a bit of that.

    n-trance - set you free . . . . .. .CLASSICAL

    knowing me knowing you should be great at the stag/hen

    shout shout let it all out

    tainted love


    Nice thread. I love Bournemouth, but I csnt get down tonight sorry

    Hate to admit it, but lady gagas new one the edge of glory is 80s tastic.

    Evoke - arms of loren

    Too please



    n-trance - set you free . . . . .. .CLASSICAL

    1992 white label edit.

    Things can only get better - d ream

    Brother and sister ?-....cant for the life of me think who sings it , but i love it

    cha cha slide ????.........cheesy i know , but usually fills a dance floor , lol

    Mod & Ed

    Princes 1999 or little red corvette

    agree with aberdeen dad, soft cells tainted love is a classic

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    [quote=vibeone]Nice thread. I love Bournemouth, but I csnt get down tonight sorry

    shame - always next time!

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    n-trance - set you free . . . . .. .CLASSICAL


    Colin , put me out of my misery please , who sang brother and sister ??

    Oh and Yazz......'the only way is up '
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    ChumbaWamba - Tub Thumping
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    Some epic hits here guys= thanks a bunch. I will play them with pride in your honour.

    I should look into broadcasting a gig to the hukd masses!

    I'm gonna go & get myself sorted for tonight.

    Keep the tracks coming cos I'm gonna log in later for an update.

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    oO........noooooo, lol...........the ravy one !...........will google in a min and update .
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