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Found 1st May 2009
"Of course I won't laugh, I'm a professional nurse. In over twenty years
I've never laughed at a patient." "Okay then," Gary said and proceeded to
drop his trousers, revealing the tiniest man thingy the nurse had ever
seen. Length and width, it couldn't have been bigger than a AAA battery.
Unable to control herself, the nurse started giggling then almost fell to
the floor laughing. A few minutes later she was able to regain her
composure. "I'm so sorry," said the nurse. "I don't know what came
over me. On my honor as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won't happen
again. Now tell me, what seems to be the problem?"
"It's swollen," Gary replied.
Things went downhill from there.
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made me lol

made me lol

Me too :-D
Good one :thumbsup:
oh my was that my ex hubby at that app

oh my was that my ex hubby at that app

Put ur claws back in lol
well if it was no bigger than 1AAA battery it at least had 1 use!
nice one xxx
The captains voice is heard over the airline tannoy 'ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, we have lost 2 of our engines, and there is nothing more I can do, I'm afraid we are going to crash into the side of a mountain and there is nothing you can do we are all going to die'.

At this point a woman at the front of the aircraft stands up and shouts 'OMG! quick, someone make me feel like woman'

A few seats down a large man with a huge lunchbox stands up, he stands 7ft tall and has muscles rippling across his body. As he approaches the histerical woman he starts to unbutton his shirt, exposing a rippling chest. The woman gulps at the size of this man. As he reaches her he hands her his shirt and says 'here iron this!'
Line from last nights "inbetweeners".... He had four pubic hairs and he peed out of one of them!! :w00t:
Excellent joke!!! Made me laugh my head off!!!:thumbsup:
that was brilliant
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