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Found 23rd Feb 2009
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for a new Fridge Freezer for the utility room. I need a larger freezer than fridge. Has anyone seen one.
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have alook around here most of the bigger stores the ones that are left that is
post there discounted stuff here might find what you need

A word of warning with modern fridge/freezers, particularly if you're siting them in an unheated room. Check the specifications of the fridge/freezer as some will not work properly in an area where the ambient temperature regularly drops below about 12 degrees C.

Generally, these are the cheaper models!
try looking here
but do check online for what other retailers are selling product for
I've been looking for a long time for a FF that has a larger freezer than fridge and have never found one.

I believe the only solution is to acquire an additional larder or chest freezer and put it somewhere else if you haven't the space in the utility room. If you have a worktop in that room it may be possible to get a tall larder freezer and then a smaller refrigerator and stand it on the counter.
Sorry, this is how I managed for a while - stand up freezer in kitchen, larder fridge and washing machine under counter in utility room and tumble dryer on top of counter (as tumble dryer is very light). If you play around with the space there may be a solution available along these lines.
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