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    Hi was wondering if any one has spotted any deals on fridge freezers.Looking to spend about £200 so on a low budget.Have had a look at big dealers such as currys comet etc any one know any that's on offer or a good price.Thanks


    try iceland they normally do them ....worth a look

    [url][/url] sell a range of cheap fridge/freezers. I bought some stuff from them last year and was impressed with their service. They're part of the Co-op!

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    found that £190 + 10% off about 175 inc delivery anyone else found any better ones?

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    I got an amazing samsung one off e-bay new..

    Search fro fridge, and refine the search to distance from post code! Then you can atleast go and have a look! I got mine for £210 but it was worth over £450 and the shop was 7 miles from home! Ace!

    tescos have got fridge freezer for £209.97 and you could get a code somewhere online plus quidco could workout cheap

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    Thanks for the help repped


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