Fridge Freezer below £150

    I'm looking for a new fridge freezer below £150.
    I've seen the mini types which are about 116cm high. Anyone had experience of these? It'll be used by 2 people.

    Any assistance appreciated. Thanks

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    i had to use a mini one before when my big one broke it was terrible!! to give you a bit of an idea, you can fit about 4 average sized boxes in the tiny freezer compartment, which, constantly froze up and needed deicing, which means taking everything out of your fridge aswell..............sooooooooooooo annoying, even more annoying when out shopping and you see bargains in the freezers!!! at the moment, im using a full size fridge freezer which i picked up from a second hand shop for £80!!! i only bought it as i needed something immediatley as i moved house and have 2 kids, i had plans to replace it with a new one, but, 2 years later, its still fantastic!!! well worth alook in any second hand shops you may have around, they do still come with a guarantee.
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