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Found 25th Jun 2017
Hi people I have a American fridge freezer and yesterday it decided to stop freezing. I've tried everything and put to -24 still no good. I have buildings and contents cover etc. But I'm told it's not covered under anything now this is 3-4yr old beko and paid £800 plus for it. I'm not happy as it also prob got £300 worth of food in.
What advice can you give me
My insurance company is Aviva
Thanks in advance
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Aviva said it's not covered only the food
Is the freezer section built up with ice? Mine does this every now and then and I have i manually defrost my freezer
No it's a frost free. Tried alsorts but thought it be covered on content cover but told not
I don't know of any insurance company that covers for breakdown on electrical products, you can get shops extended warranties/ or a dedicated insurance policy for that, too late for this breakdown but there are companies that insure several products under one policy. May be worth you getting this repair done and then taking out a policy to protect yourself in the future.
buy a new one
I have a BEKO fridge freezer - though it is not an American style one - my freezer 'packed in' within the guarantee period - but I was persuaded it might be a false callout and I would be charged! Anyway - to cut a long story short - I had to mess about with the seal on the freezer - the seal was rather flat - I put warm compresses on it to sort of re-inflate it (this appears to be a common problem with BEKO) - and to make sure the fan was not blocked - it took a few hours working on the seal - but got it working again - and has been OK ever since (about 4 years ago now). Hope you can sort it
Oh maybe a trip for a new one I thought it be covered on content not everyone got money just to go out and get a new one and this prob going to be £600+
do a google search for problems with
your model number there are some common faults with some makes and something may help you with your problem

HiNo it's a frost free. Tried alsorts but thought it be covered on … HiNo it's a frost free. Tried alsorts but thought it be covered on content cover but told not

Yeah mines frost free but still can happen just worth checking pull your stuff out and check behind them
Have a look on You tube for an answer as a last resort.
Also as above.
Check that the fan hasn't blocked as that's what my hotpoint does the freezer blocks up with ice and blocks the fan. (Supposed to be frost free)
Buy a new one Siemens ones have a 5 year warranty. Mines not here yet so I can't tell you what they are like but as far as i know breakdown isn't covered by any contents insurance it would be under accidental cover if it broke down because you accidentally spilled fizzy drink all down the back or something but not just breaking down of its own accord outside of warranty period, the only cover for that is a dedicated extended warranty cover thats normally offered by the store you buy electronics from.

Also frost free ones are less energy efficient then the ones you have to defrost yourself. Although since you spent £800 on it i guess money isn't an issue
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hope it gets sorted for you...but if u get a new one then get extended warranty for it
My last one died after four years. I got as far as working out it was a problem with the printed circuit board and cut my losses and bought a new one. The model had been discontinued and nowhere had the pcb in stock. 28 days in summer with no fridge freezer was a step too far. They don't seem to last like they used to. The predecessor (a beko by the way) lasted for years and years..
Beko is the worst brand to buy an american style fridge for as Beko is at the cheaper end of the market. American fridges are at the upper end of the market. I would spend a bit of money and buy samsung at least. the best american fridges are really out of reach for most people as they are thousands of pounds for a really good one.

Contents insurance do not include appliance cover, that is separate cover that you can take out. The food would be covered as your insurer states. I doubt that could run into £300. where you buy your food? harrods??? best move those caviar and truffles out pretty pronto. lol
photos and if you have any receipts for the frozen food and claim for that, you cant claim for the breakdown itself. By the time you list the food, cost it, take off any excess it may not be worth claiming. A large freezer with a decent amount of meat and a few prawns or scallops in there and it soon mounts up.
Are you sure the freezer hasn't overheated ? if the freezer ambient temperature rises too high then it will switch off the compressor to prevent a fire. Hopefully it's nothing as daft as sunlight hitting the thing.
mine just did the same as yours a few weeks past.. beko also.... I changed the fan at the top and been going since..... easily replaced.

there's also diagnostic tests to try if you want , although mine showed no faults.. check Google. but off memory. press and hold freezer temp set button and open and close freezer door 5 times. there's more but I just can't remember.
After what happened at Grenfell, I wouldn't try any DIY hacks. Get a technician to look into it or get a new one.
Try and defrost it and leave it off for 24 hours. Usually iced up vents in fridge part cause this problem.
I had this with my Samsung and sorted it out as advised by a helpful repairer.
Extended warranties for upto 8 years old appliances are available and can be bought anytime. Usually cost between £8-10 /month. Bit late now but after it's fixed, do so.
Thanks everyone
No joy
Got new one with extended warranty
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