fridge freezer is leaking water.. what temp should it be on..1,2 or 3

    It has a hole at the back and water keeps overflowing from it, it has a white firk type thing in the hole, i also think it looks like its frozen on the back of the fridge and thats why its dripping..any ideas,
    is it on its way out, ??


    Number 3

    julie 2;2520216

    Number 3

    really? i thought number one was the coldest

    Omg Dont Tell Me That

    julie 2;2520243

    Omg Dont Tell Me That

    lol dunno, but iv always thought 1 was the coldest for years

    Is it frost free? That's where all my frosty bits go when they've melted. I can never work out whether 1 or 6 is the coldest setting either.

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    ill stick it on 3 tonight and see what happens...

    Get the other half to take a look - he fixed your washer. If it's a hole - might it have happened during the move?

    Ours is set at 3.

    If the dial is on 1 and the motor is running,then turn it up......if the motor stops then 1 is the coldest..........................if it is on 3 and the motor is running,turn it down and see if the motor stops,if so 3 is the coldest....................

    The higher the number, the colder it will be.

    Can you desribe the hole a bit more and what is stuck in it.
    Any chance of a photo?

    at the back inaside the fridge bottom shelf there shouldf be a little hole where the water (excess) shopuld go down, I used to get this all the time with my other fridge - debris sometimes gets stuck - doesnt take a lot - you can get something that is pliable and thin and poke it down the hole to release and obstrction - I used to use an electrical tie - good luck

    Googled the problem and found a few sites with potential answers.…yGB

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    wow cheers all ill check out what you have suggested
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