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Will a fridge freezer stop working if left out in an unheated garage? I've been advised to bring it inside or else it might stop and spoil the food. Any truth in this?


Mines in the garage and seems fine.


Mum and Dad had a second fridge in the garage (unheated).
Seemed to work fine.

my mum had one in the shed it was fine

Can it be to do with the Gas bottle ?

Found this but as I said mines seems to be ok

There’s nothing wrong with your refrigerator, the problem lies with your refrigerator being outside and the outside air temperature. Refrigerators are designed to work inside a home where air temperatures are around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat, located in the refrigerator part of the appliance, senses when the temperature rises above the set level and turns on the compressor causing the freezer to cool and pushing the cold air produced in the freezer part into the refrigerator part.

For a refrigerator located in the garage, where the air temperature gets much colder, the thermostat does not sense a rise in outside air temperature and therefore, never kicks the compressor on. Because the compressor does not come on, cold air is never produced in the freezer. The temperature in your freezer rises and begins to thaw out all your frozen foods. Not good.
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we've got a chest freezer in our garage & that's been working fine for a few years now, well, when i say fine, we went on holiday & let the out-laws look after the house, but for some bizzare mental reason, & only known to those in the world of special people, my mother-in-law decided to turn ours off oO thus ruining a whole freezer of food & all my fishing bait !!! bless her

Had a larder freezer in garage for over 15 yrs. Still works perfectly, althought the door and casing is rusted to hell.

No fridge in garage, only time I ever run short of fridge space is now......and I reckon cold enough without one. Don't you ?

We have a second one in the shed & have never had a problem with it.

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Thanks all. There seems to be conflicting advice on some sites about this. I'll have to watch and wait. Hopefully everything will be ok.

Have had a fridge and a freezer in the garage for many years, never had a problem with the temperature inside the units. Have checked temperatures with a fridge/freezer thermometer.

We had a fridge and freezer in our garage for about ten years and never had any problem. Personally I am not sure you would need to have the fridge switched on at the moment anyway, our garage is way colder than our fridge

I think it's only fridge freezer combination units that are affected, in that the freezer won't be told by the thermostat in the fridge to activate itself. But as it's minus x most of the time probably the food wouldn't defrost.
I wouldn't use one, we have one standing idle only used in summer for beer, I wouldn't trust the freezer part.

The freezer section should be at -18c, so unless you've go an accurate thermometer in there you wont know if your frozen food is edible or not until (potentially) it's too late and you're sitting on the toilet for prolonged periods of time !

I tend to agree with the last section of info that Greg_68 supplied - I would'nt trust it.

If its a combined fridge freezer with one condensor then you can have trouble, however if its just a fridge ot just a freezer then its ok but combined you will get problems

I've got 2 in the shed & they seem fine

It is newer Fridge Freezers that are causing problems, many are not designed to function below a certain temperature.

It is called progress.

Check your handbook to see if yours is one of this type.
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