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Found 22nd Feb 2008
Hey guys!! Well after having my second hand fridge freezer for 3 years it seems it's given up the ghost... I'm a full time student nurse + mum so can't afford to spend a fortune on a new one, especially as Valentines Day has just past and the boyfriends birthday is on Monday! (Spent too much on him from deals on here!). I'd like to get a new one now as I'd like ti to last a bit longer than 3 years hehe.

So folks, where's the best place to get a good priced fridge freezer? Normally I'd just get one from Tesco as I've 10% staff discount there as work there part time now but thought I'd check out here first to see if there was online places or other places about.

Oh and it has to be a combined fride + freezer with 50% space allocated to each, if that makes sense... none of those fridges with tiny freezer compartments in them, or separate fridge and freezers as I just don't have space for that in my small kitchen.

Thanks in advance!

Louise x


have a look here;

It's basically an auction site for refurbed goods. I got a fridge freezer from there a couple of months ago, and can't fault it! It was in the online shop for £330, and i got it for £140 (plus del). All that was wrong with it was a small dent on the front, which we have no covered over with some comedy magnets!

Being Comet as well, its a reputable company, and you know where they are if theres a problem.

Couldn't recomend them highly enough.

For your consideration:

]Hotpoint fridge/freezer £223.99 delivered @ Dixons.

Not a bad price for a decent brand.

Have you heard of freecycle (google it)

It is website for people who do not want to throw stuff away, would rather give it to someone for free. Lots of different groups cover all the cities, most areas seem to be covered. You can actually request stuff but not too often.

Lots of people re-doing kitchens and give away ffreezers etc. Son got almost new one last year for his student flat (they were buying a big American one). I have offered bunk beds, childrens house, sofa. Peple who need them just come and collect. Dare say there are also a few taking stuff and reselling it but if I was going to take it to the tip, saves the effort.
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