Fridge Freezer - single or twin thermostat???

Found 1st Jan 2008

I need to get one as its been months since the freezer in mine has broken... the fridge still works... but have been looking at the sales and the only thing troubling my decision is the single/twin thermostat thing.

I don't really know what they are, and of course the people in the store are completely rubbish and know nothing about what they are selling.

Can't find anything on the net explaining which is better or how it works... so if anyone finds anything thats great.

I thought twin thermostat meant that one ran the fridge and one ran the freezer, so if the freezer one packed up the fridge would still work (which I am assuming has happened to the one that I have now)... but from what I found on interweb, the thermostats only control the temperatures of each part individually and nothing says that it controls the running of each bit.

I'm confused!!! please help!!!

BB x
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Welcome to HUKD BBelle.

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It isn't about them packing up.

Basically with a single thermostat it controls both the fridge and the freezer. Now when you put the FF in a cold place like a garage or unheated utility room the thermostat can detect that the outside temp is lower than the fridge temp and it turns itself off to save energy - only with one termostat for both it can also turn off your freezer leading to melted food.

Twin means if it gets cold then only the fridge shuts off and the freezer stays frozen.

I would say single is fine for a kitchen etc. Get a twin if it is going in the garage etc.
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