Fridge freezer urgently needed, delivered to the sticks, mid-Wales

    Just got a call from stressed friend who lives in the middle of no-where in mid-Wales.
    Her fridge-freezer went bang yesterday, and the surviving stuff is in a neighbours freezer.

    Trouble is, she lives in the middle of no-where, and doesn't have a large enough car to collect. She's tried freecycle and the local tip, but nothing going there.
    I've been trying to help, and the best I can find so far is Comet for a £149 fridge freezer with £24 delivery - trouble is, this Saturday is the nearest time.

    As I don't buy a lot of white goods, I don't know all the deals around - can anyone else suggest somewhere which might be able to deliver maybe even today, to the middle of Powys? (about 30 miles from the nearest big town). In respect of delivery cost, £24 isn't bad for that far, but time is of the essence. All advice appreciated!

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    Powys is £19.50 delivery in the list as zone 1. seems like they are in control of delivery - havent ordered from them personally but call them (0800 number) and see if they can do it and how much. they even deliver to N. ireland.

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    Thanks for the reply - in the end, someone else just recommended the Co-Op, because they have free next day delivery, and next day is what it's all about when your cheese is warming…DFF

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    I know it might be a bit late (it is for us!) but today's Tesco Deal of the Day (until 11am Friday) is:…ay/
    Free delivery on large kitchen appliances over £249 and triple clubcard points

    glad u got it sorted
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