Fridge/freezer best place - make etc

Looking to buy a new frige/freezer does anyone know which is the best place to buy, best make etc



lol, funny this, my fridge freezer just this second broke down.
so i'm in the market for one too lol

Yep me too!

There was a good one in the Comet Price crash on friday, was only £99.99 with £18 delivery. Cant even afford that at the moment!

If you find one for about 2p let me know lol!:giggle:

lol, well i had a stroke of luck, mine started working again! phew !!!

I bought one from Comet auctions for £95 + £24.99 delivery its got a dent in one side about 2 inches long but that sides next to my units so it will not show and you still get one uears warranty might be worth taking a look,the same one sells in John Lewis for £299 .


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Thanks Chaos_Theory I'll have a look.

Rep given


Thanks Chaos_Theory I'll have a look. Rep given

Your welcome i left my bid until last 2 minutes was sat on edge of seat in case someone whipped in after me

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