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    A friend of mine asked me if i could find out regarding the fridge/freezer scheme that was going on. If you were on working family tax credit you could get one for 60 quid or something. Anyone have any ideas regarding any schemes like this



    Someone told me that energy suppliers can give you a free fridge or a discounted fridge freezer if you are on a low income but im afraid i dont know anymore than that

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    Cheers for that. Any idea which energy supplier

    i know south ribble, lancs do a scheme (after doing a quick google search) they have teamed up with npower, its called Fridgesavers

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    Thanks for all you help.


    Fridgesavers focused on providing efficient fridges and fridge freezers … Fridgesavers focused on providing efficient fridges and fridge freezers to low-income households. The energy efficient appliances were delivered and installed in clients’ homes and their existing appliances were removed for de-gassing and appropriate disposal. Applicants had to be in receipt of an income-related benefit to prove their low-income status. The Fridgesavers scheme came to an end in 2002.

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