Friend and a Spiked Drink

My friend came round today and was most upset she is convinced that her drink got spiked at the weekend while she was out clubbing. Does anyone know what the symptoms are of that or are they just the same as being drunk?


well i suppose it depends what it was spiked with. how did she feel or what does she remember?

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She vaguely remembers kissing someone but she said she was thinking she didn't want it to happen but she had no control, just like being in a bubble. When she got home she collapsed and was really sick.

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Its hard to know if that wasnt just alcohol really.


It happened to me many years ago now (and I am a fella) - the last thing I remember was being in the pub at about 20.00 hrs - next thing was waking up at home next day. not even sure how I got home or what time - when I did wake up the next day I felt totally confused, have asked the people I was with what happened they said one minute I was just chatting and cracking jokes like everybody else - then all of a sudden I said I was going and just walked out - they tried to stop me but I would not listen.

It's an old trick to get men to go outside sit down somewhere then the person(s) come along like you long lost friend and take whatever they can get hold off (guess I was lucky)

Hope your friend is alright


Its really hard to say i guess, it could well have been the drink mind you. Atleast she is ok thats the main thing.

"Alcohol" "Spiked" lots probably wouldn't know the difference in the morning.

Alcohol can make you do things you wouldn't normally do, You regret it in the morning.

It's probably very hard for someone to prove they've been spiked because of the effects of alcohol.

You got to be very careful, Always keep your mates informed, Look out for each other, Keep your drinks with you at all times.

I am pretty sure i had my drink spiked a while ago. I only had max of 3 drinks and i was a state i kept blanking out and i couldnt talk it felt like i was out of my body and to this day i cannot remember everything even though i was home and in bed but 10.40 . I was living at my mums at the time and it really scared her, and me for that matter x

I'd my drink spiked. I had 3 baileys and hadn't finished the 3rd but when I walked to the loos I was fine and then all of a sudden I couldn't stand up. The room wasn't just spinning, it was as if it was inside and outside and upside down and nothing I've ever experienced before. My friends came and found me and had to carry me out, that was when a taxi driver 'offered' to drive me home and let them stay and enjoy themselves but they said no and we all left and I was off work for 3 days as I was still so ill.

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Thanks all for your replies. I'd hate to think she had been spiked but I dont know.

i usually take clorform into the club, the spiking drink is too much hassle.

i've been spiked at a duran duran concert. was meant for my sister, she went to the bar. came back and i drank her white wine, one min was watching duran duran then woke up in hospital sick as a dog. blacked out, they injected me with something and my eyes shot open but i do not recall any of this.
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