friend got new 3 mobile but no sim

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Found 30th Dec 2009
Hi my firend lost his mobile and but was offerd a upgrade with his current mobile contract through 3 and today he got his phone etc but no sim.og course he isnt pleased as he told him he needed the same number etc,would he be able to goto a 3 mobile shop and get a sim?or just have to wait till they send him one out again


they should have sent a replacement, the number just get assigned tot he new sim so he keeps the number no problem. If you go to a shop you will only get a new PAYT sim with a new number

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yeh thats no good as he is on contract

When Ive had an upgrade Im only sent out a new phone, not a sim too...I suspect there has been some mis-understanding of what was needed at the call centre

get him to call them

why can't he just put his old sim in the new phone. If it was an upgrade rather than a new contract it should work ok

edit: oops sorry just read the bit where he lost his phone :oops:
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