Friend looking to buy young lad a gaming pc

    Friend ask me to look into getting his son a gaming pc. I know from passed this will not be cheap. I was thinking a Nvidia shield are these any good?? or build one myself ?


    Shield isnt a gaming pc its a console running android mate

    Build one mate more bang for your buck as it were

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    what about a steam box ??


    what about a steam box ??

    Again, won't run the majority of games because it's not running Windows.

    Many of the companies that make the steam box machines offer the same hardware running windows though, like an Alienware Alpha or Zotac ERX480.

    Generally MiniPCs are a niche at the moment though which means you pay more for the same performance. A bog standard tower PC will be cheaper.

    Why don't you just buy Xbox one s. Cheap and cheerful. Supports all TV apps and no tinkering needed. Just works.

    How much you willing to spend on it , there's options , cheap and expensive

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    around 500 to 650
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