Friend sent me blog on UKMail screw-up - anyone had similar experiences?

    A friend who wrote this sent me the link just now; I don't usually post online but thought I would because it seems very annoying!

    Anyone else in the same boat?


    So, you signed up to HUKD as a random site to sign up to just to post this link to a Tumblr blog but didn't want to make out that your promoting your issue directly so claim it's from a friend..... yea that's believable....

    - member as long as this post's been active
    - never posted anything else
    - never liked anything else on the site

    All the parcel delivery companies have issues, search on the search bar and you'll see plenty of complaints, sadly this delivery is one of those less than 1% that actually has an issue.

    Additionally proof reading failure

    31st August

    So the parcel still has 30 days to be delivered apparently....


    Why is the blog called parcelfarce? This to me makes it look as if it would be about parcel force which it clearly isn't.

    Ordered item 3 days ago, hasn't come yet, better make a blog about it...

    Kind of makes "your friend" out to be a complete idiot.

    Oh dea, UKMail has been great with me, always next day delivery and my courier is reliable!

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