:thumbsup: i need friedns series 5-10 any one know where i cud get them from thanks ;-)


    every season the above website is £10.99 except season 9 which you can get from here…eed

    at £12.99 and use code "best10" to get it down to £11.69

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    cheers matey!!!

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    ordering them now thanks 4 the help

    Before ordering from blahdvd you can register and get a £5 voucher here:…464

    If you order through Quidco you should also receive 5% cashback.

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    cheers 4 tht will use it just gotta find my credit card lol

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    wot is quidco

    quidco is a company that some people use. You register with the site, and then go to your purchasing sites via their link. You then get a percentage of your money back from them.
    Some sites are 5%, some are 2%, and some may even be 10% back.

    The downside with quidco is that it can take a couple of months for that money to materialise in your quidco account.
    Quidco also charge you £5 a year I believe, so its not worth it unless you will stick to using their links when you purchase stuff.

    RPoints is a similar scheme, which has lower percentages back to you, but doesnt charge £5 and the money comes thru quicker.

    However, you could look into all of this at a later date

    Dino has a thread here about Quidco and other reward sites:…683
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