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Found 7th Jan 2007
Hey, does anyone know where I can get the complete series 10 of friends. I want the old orginal skyline edition , 5 discs NOT the new slimline version. Thanks in advance.
x nicola x

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i woulnt mind that either,iv got all 8 originals just need 9 and 10,iv never been able to find them anymore though

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yep thats it emma, is annoying its out of stock though, if ya see any more though would b helpful, also you can buy series 9 skyline at choicesdirect for £9.99, but you can get 10% off with the code on a banner on the main page making it £9. hope that helps you x nicola x

I hate to say it Nicky... but eBay might be your only option.

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eek i know, tbh i think it was just a pipe dream lol, for the price it would cost me to get one of ebay ( one went the other day brand new and sealed for £163) I could buy the complete tv show for £100. Think I will keep my eyes peeled in charity shop / second hand shop windows lol.

WOW are these gone high in value now then?

I have 8/9 and 10 skyline additions, never knew they were this valuable:roll: now

deal 4 me are you selling 9 and 10 by any chance

Jim, here's a deal on what I think is the series 9 skyline edition for £9


wots the difference between normal n skyline

They are just 2 different sets. The new packaging is in slimline packaging, so people who were collecting the skyline edition from the start may want to complete their collection with matching editions.

They stopped producing it because it had the twin towers on the skyline. Its like golddust now and the new version is....obviously... minus the towers.

Skyline cost like £40 a boxset

I think your best bet is to check ebay or places like CEX. My girlfriend picked up a couple of the old DVD sets for like 1.50 each. I guess its just luck and persistence

there is a user on Ebay called RUM2764 selling series 9 skyline for around £30 but series 10 skyline for about £150.

interesting, i didnt realise there were different type's.

Yes it's a very sad tale. Of course quite a few people milking it for all its worth on eBay (I think the skyline series 10's were on sale for only a few days before being pulled).
Also worth noting that the skyline edition uses single-sided dvd's whereas the 'new' version uses double-sided (a pain if like me you've got a dvd multichanger).

If anyone has the skyline edition of 10 it'd be cool if they could scan the covers so that the rest of us have a chance to at least make our own version - won't be perfect but better than £100 on eBay :thumbsup:
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