Fright Night In Theme Park UK

Posted 19th Sep

Wanted to go to a Theme park and experience Fright Night for the first time.

Thorpe park is the closest to me do you think its worth the price ? £33/40 full day 10am-10pm

Can we use 2-4-1 to get it cheaper ?
Is there a group price ?

If anyone has been can they please help
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I went a few years back and it was good then went the year after and it was awful. I don’t know recently but it’ll either be good or rubbish. There’s plenty to do but the popular walkthroughs have huge cues. When we went the Blair Witch walk through had a 3 hour queue. As for price usually they start releasing the 241 tickets on drinks snacks etc so just keep your eye out.
Kellogg's the best discount as you can book online and as above there hit and miss depending how many people each maze have
I remember when I went to fright night, got on 2 rides good times
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