Fring for iPhone released (voip/chat/sip client)

    Fring have just released a beta version for the iPhone. This will let you chat with Skype/MSN/Gtalk/etc as well as voice chat with Skype Out or any SIP account. This works over EDGE or wifi.…or/



    cheers mr admin.

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    I've found a few bugs so far... but overall seems to work I assume they will be updating it pretty rapidly in the next week or so.

    who am I to tell admin that there is already a topic for iphone applications? :lol:

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    I figured this was breaking news as everyone (well on most iphone forums) have been yelling for a voip app for a long time It's the first voip app afaik for the iphone so finally we can make calls through an existing sip account on wifi.

    I use Fring on my N95 and it really is an amazing piece of app

    Been using this client on Symbian for a while, highly recommended.


    Its not bringing up any details of the source therefore not in catagories so I cant download it. wonder if there updating the site.

    Does this only work with jailbroken iPhones?

    how do I add this using Cydia?

    I'm having problems with it

    The first time using it it's working completely fine, but then every consecutive time after that, the software just closes when I'm logging in.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?
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