Fringe SE02E11

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone else obtained a copy of this, it was aired in America on the 11/01/2010?

    Watched it last night and Olivia Dunhams boss in the FBI cant remember his characters name reappeared after being killed a few episodes ago?

    I take it, it was a missing episode from the 1st series or an alternative universe!!!

    Your thoughts please lol

    Sara x


    I love Fringe,where did you get this episode from? I think the guy who died name was Charlie.

    and another one tomorrow in america as well-then again on 21st.

    Original Poster

    Yes it was Charlie! well done you...

    According to Fringes website Thursday is going to be its new day so yes another one on Thursday! yeah!!!

    Demoniode, I normally use EZTV but it always seems to be down at the moment...

    If you mean the other FBI agent, he was killed and the killer changed their appearance to look like him, shapeshifting type thing using the machine with the 3 prongs in the roof of his mouth. He is now watching Olivia to see what she remembers from the other side, he's 1 of the enemy she is hunting. Hopefully that helps a bit.
    You can download back episodes from eztv, when it's back up, if you can't find them elsewhere

    it was an unaired episode that they have now decided to air.

    Not sure how well it's going to fit in really, I've not seen it yet.

    thanks for that will give it a try. Does anyone like LIE TO ME as well?

    Does anyone like LIE TO ME as well?

    Never heard of it - is it the same sort of thing? If so I'll give it a try - I'm loving Fringe.

    its on SKY 1 with the actor TIM ROTH who was in Skellig.I think they're showing repeats of the 1st series at the moment.

    I'm into the Mentalist right now .

    I like Lie to me, it's different and quite interesting. Wierd with all these tv programs all of a sudden everyones a forensic scientist,profiler and body language expert :thumbsup:

    Annoying thing is they all finish their series at the same time LOST , LIE TO ME , FRINGE all finished at around the same time and looks like they'll all be coming back at the same time around i.e FEB.So you end up going for 4 months with nothing worth watching to trying to fit them all in even with SKY PLUS!

    My wifes hooked on Lie To Me, she's a bit of a Tim Roth fan (can't see it myself ??)

    The Fringe ep, as noted above, is an unaired ep from season 1. . .

    There are 2 unaired episodes form season 1 and they were released last week, I available online to watch, haven't located the other yet.

    I was a tad confused watching it last night.

    Good to see Chuck back too

    Check out lost,fringe,flashforward,heroes,lie to me,warehouse13, the mentalist thou starting to get a bit samey if thats a word, and of course the new V only 4 episodes in but looking amazing hope this selection helps
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