Fringe vs Outcast vs Firefly

    Just finished watching the season, & possibly series, finale of V.

    really want to fill in the Void, which programme would you recommend I watch out of

    Fringe, Outcast & Firefly


    Firefly > Fringe > Outcast


    Firefly > Fringe > Outcast

    So sad that Firefly ended such an awesome show, Outcasts doesn't even come close.

    fringe is awesome, first 2 season are a bit slow, but its become an excellent show now

    firefly good, but your wont get that much watching as its finished. Fringe is great and still getting better

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    Fringe is worth watching for Walter alone. Firefly is worth watching for the character in my avatar amongst other things.

    Fringe is a great show but you do need to watch from the start to understand whats going on.


    Firefly is hugely overrated in my humblest of opinion.

    Fringe has some consistency issues but generally it's very good. Worth it for the flashback episodes with retro title sequence.

    Ive not seen the other two but Ive watched the first 2 seasons of Fringe on BT Vision and its really good.

    Fringe is okay during season 1 but gets better as it goes along, some of the guest actors during that season are dire. Nice pay off on s2/3 so it's worth watching from the beginning.

    Outcast is really poor, execution is really dire and no pay off on the storylines worth the hammy dialogue and acting. Don't watch that. It reminds me the dissapointing star trek voyager episode 11:59.

    Firefly is good.

    Fringe = Great
    Firefly = Dull
    Outcast = What The Hell were They Thinking

    Fringe, without a doubt.
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