Froch v Abraham fight

    anyone watching.....

    who is gobby in the crowd. spoling a good fight........



    Thats his gf. "He misses every punch"


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    doin my head in......

    She's at every fight running her mouth.

    Fit though

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    She's at every fight running her mouth.Fit though

    yeh can imagine.....

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    yeh i would after seeing her then!!

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    who did froch fight a while ago where he was getting battered but then pulled it out of the bag in last round?

    American guy, Jermain Taylor I think.

    Amazing fight.

    I was waiting for her puppies to fall out of that top she was wearing!! ;-) I'd hate to be her neighbour, can you imagine the noise coming out of their bedroom??? "Go on Carl, harder, HARDER, HARDER"
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