Just wondering, when searching for something on eBay ie; Phone charger, is the any way to exclude search results that have a price "From". It's really annoying having to sift through hundreds of phone chargers "From" £1 that are actually £5!


    Yes. Under filter there is a price range. Min and max

    Or if what you want is to exclude the word "from" then just put "-from" in the search (without the quotes)

    eg "phone charger samsung -from"

    The ones where they list half a dozen options in a pull down with the thing you want at £10 and a screen protector at 99p - cant help - I've never woked out how to exclude those.

    I can't stand sellers that do that. They're clearly trying to get at the top of the sort by lowest price list. Out of principle I just ignore them.
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