from bitterwallet! - Warning re Visa to U.S

    Fake US visa website tricks trusting travellers
    By Paul Smith

    As if border control in the US isnt gruelling enough, a whole new world of paperwork arrived for travellers in January. ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) was implemented for everyone hoping to visit the United States, and although its branded as an electronic application system for the visa waiver programme, tourists still need to complete the green visa waiver form provided before arrival.

    Its a pain for sure, but no more irritating than, say, turning the shower off and discovering the towel is still in the airing cupboard. Still, its relatively straight forward to complete and its free, so theres no real need to ask somebody else for help. That doesnt stop people offering, or charging you for doing so.

    Sky News reports that the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is investigating a company called Visa Express Ltd based in South Korea, that operates a site called and charges customers $45 a time for submitting details to ESTA (although theres no guarantee the information has been submitted). The company advertises using Google AdWords with an ad stating Welcome to the US application website.


    Given the poor syntax, and the "not affilliated to the us government" bit you'd have to be sleep walking to be fooled.

    Just go to the ]foreign office website and follow advice and links. That's what I did for my mother when she needed to go to the US suddenly earlier this year. I remember hearing later on, that some people were going to unofficial sites and being charged for the privilege.

    I'm such a thread killer.:-D
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