From where comes this hole?

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I still can't figure this out :(. It's really annoying me, I haven't been able to sleep properly for the last 2.5 months :cry:

Not quite the same but there's some good optical illusions here (with explanations so you don't lose any sleep :thumbsup: )


The answer to this one lies in the amount of area the triangle actualy take up.

if you use a clear ruler and place it along the slope of the triangle you will see that the top one bows in slightly and the bottom one bows out slightly,

this is not an illusion the actual shape of the triangle is different and the bottom one works out as a whole square larger due to the area difference.

hope you get some sleep now.


Thanks fizziebabes I've been wondering for weeks how to explain the amount of triangle showing in the 7th square from the right, third one up! I knew it was something to do with area taken up by that triangle but never thought of the bowed line, well spotted :thumbsup:

Time to sleep lol
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