Front and rear dash camera advise ?

Found 28th Jan
Hello as usual I totally trust your advise. Am after a dash camera which provides front and rear cameras and most importantly one which can detect movement as have had my car scratched recently by some low lifers. I have looked on amazon and there are far too many so hoping to find out what you guys use please thanks.
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I have separate front and rear cams, I would suggest they are better than the type you can get that hang on your interior mirror. Problem is although you have front and rear coverage if anything occurs down the side you won't see it. Are you able to install a good cctv on your property which would provide all round coverage of your car. If you can they would probably be a better solution.
Cameras don't detect theft or motion in time ... It takes 3 to 6 seconds for a dashcam to start and record
Thanks guys, unfortunately I live in a block of flats at present so having my own cctv is not an option and have till December before we move to a house. So was hoping that some motion detection dash cam might help just check out who would have gone past the car.
By leaving the cameras in the car your more likely to come back to broken windows and missing cameras than avoid or catch the scratchers. Perhaps park it further away and walk to your flat, you may even be able to rent a space on someone’s driveway (there are websites offering this).
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