Front and rear dashcam, ideally with fitting, for a BMW 435d Convertible?

Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 22 h, 42 m ago)
Anyone got any recommendations for a front dashcam + rear camera for a 2019 BMW 435d convertible, please?

Ideally with a fitting service, to include parking protection, etc.

I have decided against the rear cameras that record from the windscreen, i.e. through the cabin.
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    Diesel convertible. Sexy.
    Not sure that inanimate objects ought be so described, but 313 PS and ~40 miles per gallon with constant four wheel drive and 8-speed auto has some appeal.

    Either way, thanks for your comment.
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    Just a thought, what happens when you put the roof down?
    I wonder if they can do a numberplate surround camera linked to a way of recording, similar to the ones used for a reverse camera.
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    I was about to ask the same when the roof is down? I watched a video years ago where a guy in a convertible Mustang made some sort of bracket which fitted to the rear head rests but then the view out must be crap when the roof is up?
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    Thanks @hubcams and @IAmATeaf. I figure I need a rear camera fitted externally, just haven't seen any that don't look horrible. I had hoped that either an aftermarket or OEM reversing mirror could be used.

    My understanding is that the OEM reversing camera is fitted within a replacement boot handle, so is neither ugly nor likely to get knocked or cause whistling/road noise.

    There are after-market reversing camera options, e.g.…321. Sadly a chat with Bimmer-Tech revealed that although there is an option for a front and rear camera, there is NO recording option! (edited)
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