Front / Rear view dashcam?

Found 26th Feb
Hello chaps, my dad has asked for a dashcam that will record front and back views in his car. I assume this will mean having to buy two cameras and then link them into the same power supply or is there one camera that will do the job (somehow).

I recently purchased the Yi dashcam ~£30 for myself and am relatively happy with it but he would like front and back cameras.

Many thanks!!
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There are cams that are " all in one " but none give as good a rear view as a separate. I have separates and get perfect vids, the 2 in 1 jobs usually are hanging on the rear view mirror so the distance and/or any obstructions inside the car will make a rear view not that good.
Thank you for your thoughts! I will have a look around and see if I can pick a couple of the ones I bought up cheaply. I'll have a look at routing and power options as well first though
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