FrontFront Case Firewire socket (Dell Dimension 9150)

Found 5th Sep 2006
I want to fit a firewire socket to the front of a Dell Dimension 9150.

There is a blank hole on the front of the case marked 1394 where the female 6 pin socket fits....the motherboard has no firewire facility so I have purchased a 3 socket firewire PCI card.

One of the 6 pin female sockets is on the card so is on the inside of the PC...what I now require is a suitable cable that has a 6 pin male socket at one end (that will fit onto the firewire PCI card) and a female 6 pin socket the other end that I can secure to the front of the case..there is a groove the other side of the blank hole where I can hopefully slide in the 6 pin female socket.

I would be most appreciative of any guidance/advice and any pointers to where I can purchase a suitable cable...maplins and ebay have drawn blanks.

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Sorry to bring this one up again but has anyone out there any clue that may help me with this problem.

a fireware socket at the front of the case is so much easier than reaching behind my PC case.
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