Froyo 2.2 now available from Vodafone for Galaxy S


    Just a heads up........ The update text just landed on my phone to say the new 2.2 Firmware is available (making it even more superior to the tacky iPhone!) (Hai VB1) ;-)

    However....... does anyone know if if can be installed without using Kies? I rather hate that peice of crap software - it reminds me of itunes..... yuk!



    Inb4 vibes.

    I had to use Kies for mine, however, I am not on Vodafone. (I'm on O2)

    Kies also required an update. I noticed there is now a backup option within Kies too!

    EDIT: Wow! No more reason for editing! Woo!
    Edited by: "birdyboyuk" 15th Nov 2010

    maybe t-mobile might bring there update soon then

    Just a bump as there is another update to Kies, and I also have a firmware upgrade!
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