Frozen strawberries/raspberries

Found 13th Jun
Anyone know if these are any good once defrosted? I'd imagine they are quite mushy and not in a great condition. I've never bought them frozen myself.

looking to buy to eat on their own, not mixed into anything. cheers.
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Yep they’re pretty mushy when defrosted but my kids love eating them straight from frozen and they’re also great blended to make a smoothie!
Great for smoothies and cereal but not on their own
I buy frozen berries to make smoothies and milkshakes and to eat with ice cream or yoghurt and oats. If eating them whole I defrost them for half a minute in the microwave. They will be edible and just fine to mix with yoghurt or ice cream, but yes, a bit mushy to have on their own.
You can use frozen strawberries as ice cubes to cool down your drinks.
I freeze my home grown surplus smaller ones/alpines for using later on cereal....
Thank you. Think I'll stick to Tesco's cheap fresh fruit
Frozen strawberries are great for pimms they act as ice cubes and help flavour it too.
you tend to find that frozen fruit tends to be more nutritious than fresh, because the fruit tends to be frozen within a few hours of being picked....wheras the supposed fresh stuff, lies around being farted on by flies, and then being handled by at least 40,000 housewives/husbands who like to check the firmness of their plums before they devour them.... frozen is good
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