Frozen water pipe issue. Looking for solutions

Posted 16th Dec 2022
So yesterdays post was about my pipes being frozen and resulting in no water for more than 24 hours. It came back on its own at 3pm.
I’m scared for this to happen again. Do you think we should leave one of the taps running ever so slightly so water is flowing?
We have covered the garden tap with a towel. The stop tap is in the kitchen in a cupboard is it worth covering that too?

Also upstairs bathroom taps are working and downstairs toilet and sink. Outside tap is fine too.
Laundry and kitchen sink isn’t? Do you think it’s still frozen somewhere along the line or another issue?
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    I actually got a phone call from the water board today..

    they said turn on all your taps at the same time, for 2 minutes, if I remember correctly..

    I assume it was legit
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    Leaving any tap running is waste and won’t necessarily stop the pipes freezing up again.

    You could lag them search pipe lagging on google plenty of shops sell it by the length as for your outdoor tap that should be isolated from the inside assuming you’ve got an isolation valve fitted
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    How's the heating in your house? What the minimum you keep it on?
    We do 2 hours in morning and 2 in evening as I have a little one. Generally it’s quite high so around 21/22
    In our kitchen we don’t have a radiator just a small one under the cupboard but I don’t switch on
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    Do you know if your incoming water main is above ground? Sounds odd it would freeze if the house is heated. Unless where you live is proper cold!?
    Also if outside tap OK, it could be a different problem?
    No idea I think there underground or in the walls somewhere
    Kitchen tap water came on eventually today. It is the back of the house and I think it’s an extension. So maybe took longer to reach. Who knows?! Proper nightmare and makes me really appreciate running water
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