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    I have at least a 1000 books many hardbacks, all paracically new condition, does anyone know how i can go about selling them or is there a company that buys them?


    Havent heard of any companies that buy books, but there maybe some - have you googled it? you could sell them on amazon, on here or on ebay??

    It would take forever to list 1000 titles. What about a carboot?

    have you any books on pottery,porcelain or ceramics?


    Ask at your local market book stall.

    What part of the country are you in?

    Some independent book sellers will take them and sell them for you for a percentage

    I'm the same - have thousands of paperbacks and have been meaning to sell them on ebay but their fees are now so high its not worth it. For a while they wouldn't let you charge P&P so would have made a loss no doubt on each book. Have piles of them in spare room and could make a small fortune if I had the energy to list them all on amazon/ebay. Car boot may be an option?


    Here you go cracking site to boot.

    This looks promising - will have a good look at it when I get back from dropping off at nursery! Thanks smp - rep to you from me!

    Yeah I know a few independent book stores who when we buy books from them they say bring them back and they actually give us the cash off another book! Obviously you loose a fair amount, but it works well, especially the amount of books my fiancee goes through!
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