FS: 512mb PC2-4200 Laptop memory - Free, £2 postage/packing

    Taken out of a laptop which was upgraded. Free if anyone wants it, £2 by paypal just to cover postage/packing. its wrapped in a statis bag thing.

    Note its not the one in the image, made by some company with a M and a circle round it.

    If not, its going in the bin. Cheers.


    i will mate ;-)

    paypal gift £2 pm me your details...

    very decent of you - repped

    Is it sold yet?

    to me when he logs back on ;-)

    i am just waiting for the paypal details off him.


    Moved to MISC as it's a Freebie 'p&p only' item , thanks :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Sold to ss then pending payment

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the rep scrumpypaul Payment recieved from subaru swift, item sold. thanks.

    item is here yayyy fully works & fast post so many thanks !!
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