FS buyer troubles

    i sold a item on FS/FT, part of the deal was the buyer pays me half up front and the other half when he receives the item. i had already sold 2 other items on that day so i wanted to post everything on that day, i was in a rush to package and label everything before the post office closed so i didn't check if he had payed, anyway, i informed the buyer that the item had been posted, he acknowledged that but i guess i was to trusting because i have not gotten a reply since or half the payment

    its been about 20 hours since our last PM, maybe i am being premature, perhaps hes at college, work etc but something just feels wrong

    any advice?


    have they logged in during that period? If you click on them it will say what time they were last online. Did the buyer agree to do this in an actual thread or by pm? If in the thread, send him the link and just ask for him to pay. If he refuses, forward to mods. Did you get proof of postage?


    wow - give the guy a chance

    wrong section too!

    I think you should give the guy a chance yet bluepeter, the user in question has a very high positive feedback reputation and I don't think he's about to rip you off at all! Sometimes PM's go a miss when you log on to HUKD's quickly. Just send a quick note requesting payment and leave a message on your thread for him!

    When did you PM him, did you get any contact details from him?

    He was on last night, so he should have responded.

    Original Poster

    csima - i did say this might be premature but usually when i sell stuff the buyer and seller are communicating up until the deal is done, im kinda new here but when i read a few post on this section it was basically people complaining so it seemed the right place to post

    mhh1981 - he was last online 18 hours ago, again, maybe i am being premature, he does have decent FS/FT feedback, i sent it first class recorded so i have proof

    i have left quite a few PMs have not got a reply yet, i posted the item to him so got details from there

    He is a good guy, he sent me a game worth £23 a day before I got round to paying,I have recently bought £50 worth of things from him, he will respond without a doubt, hes an honest seller/buyer give him time
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