FS or Trade: Modified K750i/W800i - Advice On Price Needed

    Hi there - This was my old phone - which I replaced in June due to it being a couple of years old.

    I bought it as a K750i - however i flashed the software (legally) to a w800i. This means it has the better w800i software - so the music player software is better. It also means it has "flight mode."

    I kept the original k750i case on however.

    Another thing I did - I made the keypad glow orange (I'll try and show it in the pics.) This meant taking the case off the phone, and putting a small piece of orangey/see through plastic thing there. It doesn't affect the performance of the keypad or joystick.

    One button has popped off the keyboard - the "right soft key" - as you can see in the pics. The case is a bit scruffy and has quite a few scratches, you will see this in the pics. Its not that it has been treated bad - just a couple of years worth of wear and tear.

    Of course the phone still works fine, I have encountered no problems with it. To be honest it seems the only thing needs doing is maybe a new case and new keypad because of the missing button.

    The phone will come in the box and with the instruction manual and the charger.

    Pics will be added below very shortly.

    Not sure of how much to sell for - open to offers for trades aswell.

    Any questions feel free to ask..


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    Original Poster Banned

    Need to state a price please.

    Original Poster Banned

    Could only fit 5 in one post - so other 2 are here:

    Original Poster Banned

    Forgot to mention, phone is unlocked.

    If anyone wants anymore pics just ask

    Ray, don't have a price in mind, is it ok to just let buyers offer?

    You do need to state a price. I'll move this to the Miscellaneous forum if you would like to ask there what it's worth approximately? Or start a thread there and this can be moved back when you know?

    Original Poster Banned


    Anyone got any suggestions for a price? Cheers

    Its a shame that its the 'lock keypad' button thats fallen off!

    I have one of these myself and have done same firrmware mod, its a big difference albeit a cost free mod.

    Cex buys a "normal" unboxed & unlocked K750i for £33 or £43 cash depending on condition.

    They would not take it with the missing button - and also the firmware would have to be reverted to k750i before they took it. Again a free process.

    All things considered I'd say you're prob looking £25-£30 the way it is, more if you sort the missing button out...

    Original Poster Banned

    Cheers Rob.

    Unfortunately, there is no CEX near me so don't think i can take that option

    I can quite easily flash it back to K750i firmware like you said - if that's what the buyer would want.

    Yeah, the problem does seem to be the button - as it is you can still press it but yeah its awkward and needs replacing.

    Thanks for the advice

    No problemo. IMHO the best thing you can do is replace the keypad then sell it as modded. It should fetch more than the cex price, that was just a guide, and save the hassle of reflashing it.

    I just had a go at prising the front off mine but didn't have the balls haha didn't want to crack the fascia or scratch the lcd! but managed to get the back off ok to clean the lens. you must have got a steady hand to do the front!

    Good luck with the sale anyway - I believe [url][/url] are good for spare fascias and keypads
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