Found 25th Mar 2010
Yes its moan time.... again...

Why are weddings soooooooo expensive!
You say the W word and prices triple! Meh
I hate being skint- Sucks BIGTIME!!
I just hope its all frikken worth it on the day!

Thats it really- dont have to reply if you dont want to. Oh and bring on the wise cracks.

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In before the move to misc ;-)

It is worth it I had a fantastic weeding day look back 11yrs later and still brings a smile to my face, then turn round and see hubby and think urghhh (only kidding)
It is expensive but worth it

Original Poster

Oh crappers i meant to post in Misc.
Mods please re-locate- Thankyoo's. x

how long till the big day then?


call me pessimistic but its a load of your hard earned cash....have your own wedding in your back garden with some chicken on a stick over the barbey..sorted:thumbsup:

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