FSA protection question

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to put some money in Bonds for 3months, am I covered by the 35k protection from FSA? or bonds are excluded?


    bonds are included and its now 50K.

    If its the government bonds then your safe.

    Original Poster

    its Barclays bonds?! still safe? is that 50k for all my savings or for a single bank?

    Savings Bonds (all that retail banks offer) are not true bonds. They are just a name for a time limited savings account and covered like all other savings.

    It is 50k per person per bank (so 100k for joint accounts). Here "bank" includes all banks owned by a parent company. So it your money is spread across say Halifax, RBOS and IF you are only covered for 50k total but if it was split between Barclays and HSBC it would be 50k each.
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